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History is an ever-evolving field of study, which undergoes various dynamic experiments and explorations time and again. Much didactic efforts have been made to comprehend the historical studies of vast geo-political areas throughout the ages. However, the ever-changing nature of territorial borders and demarcations affect the historiography of each area, while restructuring it with the interests of the people in power.Fixing of boundaries is a complex task in itself, as man-made boundaries change frequently and rapidly with political change. The only stable boundaries are geographical and even these are liable to be substantially modified by ecological changes. In such a situation, the most viable method to study the history of a particular people would be taking up the region as category of reference. The definition of a region requires the correlation of many facets in the study of historical evolution.

Regional historiography is acquiring much relevance in academia as well as socio-political scenario in contemporary India. The diverse nature of geographical territory called India needs much focused academic effort to uncover the forgotten and marginalized histories of regions, people and communities. In order to facilitate a platform for rigorous academic as well as popular endeavours on regional historiography in India, the Centre for Educational Research and Training [CERT] is organizing various Regional History Colloquia and History-related public programs with the tagline, ‘Remembering Histories, Asserting Identities’.

About CERT

The Centre for Educational Research and Training (CERT) was established in February 2017 as a research and advocacy centre for students and researchers. CERT is committed to promotion and conduct of research programmes in the field of Education. CERT has three thrust areas: Research & Publication; Projects & Programmes; Policy Intervention & Advocacy.

CERT has so far over a dozen publications ranging from books to research work to policy briefs and monographs. It has also completed over half a dozen projects in the fields of education, environment and history. Similarly it has also successfully advocated and mediated numerous educational issues.

CERT engages in the academic realm with innovative approaches to re-frame educational policies. It maintains a wide network of students and research scholars, who are creatively contributing in knowledge production and intellectual capital.

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